People who care

Seeing an opportunity for a custom approach to clean design on carved and etched memorials, the team at RT Signs in Steinbach decided to launch into the business of helping families create an elegant and traditional way to remember a loved one. While still sharing years of experience in the design and craftsmanship of RT Signs, Prairie Memorials is an enterprise of its own, dedicated to giving attention to those who want to move ahead in finding the right way to keep the memory of a special loved one alive.

The Meaning Behind the Windmill

Driving into Steinbach from the north, you’ll likely notice the Mennonite Heritage Village windmill. It is a stately reminder of the city’s past and its connection to Holland. These graceful sentinels of the prairie are not only a symbol of the local industry, but also of the rich cultural sense of community.

Typically a windmill was located on a village main street and, being a tall structure, could be seen from a considerable distance. With this advantage, and having the ability to position the wings to any desired angle, the local miller could relay signals to the surrounding neighborhood. In Holland, messages of joy and grief were forwarded for miles along the canals from one village to the next. The Prairie Memorials windmill, with its wings slightly tipped, signals the loss of a loved one. We hope it is also a signal of the sincerity and compassion of our team, as we endeavor to help our clients in finding the suitable memorial.


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